Doktorand i biodiversitetsforskning till Trondheim!

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Dear all,

excellent candidates for a PhD position on “Biodiversity in heterogeneous environments“ are wanted at NTNU. Department of Biology at NTNU in Trondheim (Norway) can fund two PhD positions among 14 different topics. We would like to find an excellent and highly motivated candidate for going into the competition of the projects funded by the Department of Biology. Our project aims to test theories on how landscape topography with all its microclimatic variation affects species capacity to adapt or disperse in response to climate change. The approaches to study this topic will involve fieldwork, theoretical and/or macroecological methods. If this sounds interesting to you, please read more about the project here and take contact with one of us before 22nd of January using the below email addresses:

Irja Ida
Jonathan Lenoir
Bente Jessen Graae


The official announcement can be found here:



Best regards,

Jonathan, Bente and Irja