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The NTNU University Museum, Department of Natural History

Associate professor of molecular biodiversity

The NTNU University Museum is seeking a highly qualified and motivated candidate for an associate professor position in molecular biodiversity. The position is part of NTNU’s strategic focus on young, ambitious and excellent researchers (the “Onsager fellowships”) and is financed for 6 years. After this time it is expected that the candidate will obtain full professor qualifications and permanent employment.

The position in molecular biodiversity is central in the Department of Natural History’s strategy for further increasing the use of next generation sequencing data in studies of patterns and changes of biodiversity in time and space. More specifically, the successful candidate will carry out cutting-edge research within the field of evolutionary and environmental genomics, and extensive experience in handling and analysing complex genomic data sets using custom scripts and open source tools is expected. Background in population genomics, phylogenetics and proficiency in statistics is considered essential. The candidate must have experience in team-work and is expected to be working with broad research topics within evolutionary biology and ecology.

The successful applicant will have a strong interest in evolutionary biology and a PhD in biodiversity science (molecular ecology, molecular systematics or closely related fields of evolutionary biology research) or bioinformatics. Experience in analyses of different types of molecular data is an advantage. Applicants must document excellence in research during and after completed PhD, be goal-oriented and able to deliver results when expected. Excellent skills in written and spoken English and creative problem-solving abilities are expected.

Selection criteria:

  • Scientific excellence documented through peer-reviewed publications.
  • Experience with project acquisition and management.
  • Relevance of research area in relation to the NTNU University Museum research strategy.
  • Experience with teaching and supervision is an advantage.

In addition to what is listed as qualifications for the Onsager Fellows, for the Museum position it is expected that the successful candidate during the first 6 years:

  • Develops and submits one or more competitive project applications to the European Research Council.
  • Develops and submits project applications to the Research Council of Norway and similar funding sources.
  • Develops an active research group at the museum that contributes to relevant leading international networks.
  • Teaches at NTNU, the Research School in Biosystematics (ForBio) and the Nordic Academy of Biodiversity.
  • Contributes to the development of qualitative and innovative teaching resources in molecular biodiversity at the international level.
  • Fulfils the requirements for formal pedagogical competence at university level (PEDUP).
  • Participates in public outreach activities.

The NTNU University Museum, Department of Natural History has 15 faculty positions, 6 temporary research positions and 12 technical and administrative positions. The research is facilitated through two research groups; the Conservation Biology Group and the Systematics and Evolution Group. The Systematics and Evolution Group has its research focus in general questions in systematics and evolutionary biology such as: speciation events, species discrimination and delineation, phylogeny, character evolution, population genetics, phylogeography, DNA barcoding, archaeological genetics, and distribution of species in time and space. The Conservation Biology Group focuses on process related questions (land and water use, plant animal interactions, habitat destruction and fragmentation) and ecological biogeography. The group also has an applied research profile and works towards nature management authorities and stakeholders, at levels from populations to ecosystems.

More information about the department and the position can be obtained from Head of Department Torkild Bakken, phone: +47 73 59 23 82, e-mail torkild.bakken@ntnu.no; Professor Hans K. Stenøien, phone: +47 73 59 22 84; e-mail hans.stenoien@ntnu.no; Professor Torbjørn Ekrem, phone: +47 73 59 78 12, e-mail torbjorn.ekrem@ntnu.no.


The associate professor position follows code 1011 starting grade 57-77, gross NOK 482 800-710 400 per annum (before tax). There will be a 2 % deduction to the Norwegian Public Service Pension Found from gross salary.

Other information 

NTNU is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applicants from both EU/EEA and non-EU countries. The university is strongly committed to diversity within its community and welcomes applications from members of ethnic minorities.

NTNU would like to increase the percentage of female scientists in academic positions.

The appointment is to be made in accordance with the regulations in force concerning State Employees and Civil Servants.

All applications must include a letter of interest, certified copies of academic transcripts, CV, a complete list of publications and statements from three references. Copies of the considered 10 most important scientific papers should be attached as well as a short explanation of the applicant’s contribution in case where there is more than one author. The application must be submitted electronically through www.jobbnorge.no (reference VM2015/6026).

Application deadline: 25 May 2015.


Short notice! Schander Memorial Fund – Deadline, May 31!

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About the Schander Memorial Fund
The main focus of the fund lies in encouraging scientific cooperation in marine biology by providing financial support for fieldwork (collecting of material for taxonomic and/or biodiversity work) and taxonomic studies in museum collections. 
Visiting marine taxonomists and systematists can apply for funding for travel and accommodation in connection to short term visits at the Marine Biological Station in Espegrend and at the University Museum of Bergen Norway. Likewise, Master and PhD students in marine biology at University of Bergen can apply for support for short-term projects in cooperation with other institutions or support for conference participation where they will present their own results. Projects including fieldwork or work in scientific collections will be prioritized.
Selection will be done by the five member funding board of national and international scientists and family members. Announcements and deadlines are given below.
Next application deadline: May 31, 2015
In 2015, three grants will be funded, with a fixed rate of 10 000 NOK, each.
To apply for a grant, please send your application to:
Prof. Karin Pittman (karin.pittman@bio.uib.no) subject: Schander fund
Please include a letter of intent, describing the purpose of your stay in Bergen or trip to other institutions, and a short CV. Students should include a letter of support from their supervisor. Applications will be evaluated shortly after the submission deadline and successful candidates will be informed in early June.
Karin Pittman
Fisheries Ecology and Aquaculture Research Group
Dept. of Biology
Thormøhlensgate 53B
PB 7803
University of Bergen
N-5006 Bergen


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Projektet fokuserar på neotropiska angiospermer och behandlar systematiska och evolutionära frågeställningar på olika taxonomiska nivåer. Projektet är primärt tänkt att fokusera på grupper som förekommer i Anderna och kan innehålla frågeställningar på släkt- och artnivå, liksom sådana som berör differentiering inom och mellan närstående arter i relation till historiska miljöförändringar. I projektet ingår egen datainsamling i fält, liksom olika typer av systematiska metoder. Projektets slutliga omfattning och inriktning beslutas i samråd med den blivande doktoranden.

Kvalifikationskrav: Masterexamen inom biologi, eller motsvarande, samt erfarenhet av arbete med angiospermer. Erfarenhet av taxonomiska och molekylärsystematiska metoder samt fältarbete är meriterande. Den ideala kandidaten ska kunna arbeta både självständigt och som en del i ett team. En hög standard på talad och skriven engelska krävs. Kunskaper i spanska är en merit.

Tillträde: 2015-09-01, tidsbegränsad anställning t.o.m. 2019-08-31.

Anställningens omfattning: 100 %

Ansökan senast den 8 juni 2015

Ansökningsförfarande: se https://mp.uu.se/web/info/vart-uu/lediga-jobb/-/jobb/65780

Upplysningar om anställningen lämnas av Bertil Ståhl, bertil.staahl@ebc.uu.se.



Symposium on Biodiversity and DNA barcoding in Trondheim, November 11-12, 2015

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Symposium banner

The Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre and the Norwegian Barcode of Life Network (NorBOL) have the pleasure of inviting you to a symposium on Biodiversity and DNA barcoding in Trondheim November 11-12, 2015. The goal of this conference is to communicate new knowledge on Norwegian species and show how DNA barcoding contributes to our understanding of species diversity, biology and ecology. We think the symposium will be an attractive venue for researchers, student and managers of biodiversity and are pleased to have distinguished speakers from Canada, UK, Finland, Sweden and Norway. Among the confirmed participants are Paul Hebert, Sujeevan Ratnasingham, Natasha de Vere and Tomas Roslin. For more information on the conference, speakers and registration, please visit the symposium website: Biodiversity and DNA barcoding. Welcome!

The organizing committee
Ingrid Salvesen
Ingrid Ertshus Mathisen
Aina Mærk Aspaas
Torbjørn Ekrem