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Joint regional meeting kick-off and CESP community webinar

Apr 25, 2024 19:00 CET - Apr 26, 2024 10:30 CET

Expected audience: Node Managers and Node staff
Note this webinar will be run twice to accommodate different time zones. Please register to the one that works best for you below.
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Technical support hour for GBIF nodes: May 2024

May 01, 2024 16:00 CET - May 01, 2024 17:00 CET

May 1st, 2024, we will convene for the next GBIF technical support hour for nodes where the topic is how to detect and solve formatting issues in your DwC-A. The session will occur on May 1st, 2024, at 4pm CEST (UTC+2).
Publishers and nodes occasionally encounter errors that are not [...]

Capacity enhancement workshop on biodiversity data mobilisation and use in support of sustainable development in West Africa

May 08, 2024 01:00 CET - May 12, 2024 01:00 CET

Organized as part of the Capacity Enhancement Support Programme project "Enhancing capacity to mobilize and use biodiversity data to support sustainable development in West Africa" (CESP2020-005) , this workshop was held at the University of Ghana and aimed to enhance participants' knowledge and skills in utilizing biodiversity for sustainable development.

Data Use Club practical sessions: accessing and downloading species information

May 16, 2024 15:00 CET - May 16, 2024 16:00 CET

Many users come to in order to access occurrence records (the observation or collection of a specimen at a given time and place). They can also access information about species: their scientific names, taxonomy, and associated data like vernacular names or whether they are invasive in a given [...]

Europe and Central Asia Nodes meeting 2024

May 26, 2024 09:00 CET - May 29, 2024 13:00 CET

The 16th meeting of the GBIF Europe and Central Asia nodes is hosted by the GBIF Croatia 26 to 29 of May 2024 the in person and on site meeting is open to node managers from the European and Central Asia participant nodes. Nonmember countries and international organizations are [...]

IBC 2024 XX International Botanical Congress

Jul 21, 2024 00:00 CET - Jul 27, 2024 00:00 CET

The IBC 2024 XX International Botanical Congress in Madrid will address the following main topics:
* Systematics, phylogenetics, biogeography and evolution * Ecology, environment and global change, including invasive species and plant-animal interactions * Biodiversity and conservation * Structure, physiology and development, including Evo-Devo * Genetics, genomics and [...]

Evolution 2024 | Third Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology

Jul 26, 2024 00:00 CET - Jul 30, 2024 00:00 CET

The Congress merges the traditions of the participating societies: the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB); the American Society of Naturalists (ASN); the Society of Systematic Biologists (SSB); and the Society for the Study of Evolution (SSE). The sextennial Congress takes the place of the ESEB and Evolution Meetings [...]

International Conference on Mycorrhizas (ICOM 12)

Aug 04, 2024 01:00 CET - Aug 09, 2024 01:00 CET

The theme of ICOM12 is “Bridging gaps in form, function and diversity”.
Alongside showcasing some of the most exciting and cutting-edge mycorrhizal research, the conference will address this theme through conversation, culture, gastronomy, and fun.
The plenary themes are supported by parallel sessions that will cover topics such as: Mycorrhizas [...]

International Mycological Congress IMC12

Aug 11, 2024 10:00 CET - Aug 15, 2024 18:00 CET

The main aims of the International Mycological Congress are to:
* Engage the youth
* Facilitate face-to-face meetings
* Organize hands-on workshops in mycology
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Aug 18, 2024 00:00 CET - Aug 23, 2024 00:00 CET

Organized every two years, the ISME symposia are the largest not-for-profit international meetings addressing the wide range of topics in Microbial Ecology. With an average delegate number of 2200 people representing over 50 countries worldwide we are truly international.
The next meeting, ISME19, will be held in Cape Town, South [...]

SPNHC and TDWG Joint Conference

Sep 02, 2024 02:00 CET - Sep 06, 2024 11:00 CET

The Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections SPNHC is an international organization devoted to the preservation, conservation and management of natural history collections.
Biodiversity Information Standards TDWG develops and maintains data standards that support the integration of primary biodiversity information across disciplines, organizations, and nations. Its [...]

IPBES 11 (Eleventh session of the Plenary of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services)

Dec 10, 2024 08:00 CET - Dec 16, 2024 18:00 CET

IPBES 11 will be preceded by regional consultations and a Stakeholder Day on 9 December 2024. Further information on these events will follow in due course.
At IPBES 11, the Plenary will consider, among other items, the thematic assessment of the interlinkages among biodiversity, water, food and health (nexus assessment), [...]

4th Global Soil Biodiversity Conference

Apr 12, 2026 11:00 CET - Apr 15, 2026 19:00 CET

Expanding on the Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative 's previous events (GSBI), the 4th Global Soil Biodiversity Conference in Victoria, Canada will convene the world’s leading experts in this interdisciplinary field of soil biodiversity science to present and discuss recent advances addressing the urgency of meeting global challenges which link to [...]