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GBIF Sweden

Sweden is one of the founding countries of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) and has been a member since the start in 2001. The Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm has hosted the Swedish participant node since the Swedish GBIF node was established in 2003.

The goal of GBIF Sweden is to regularly collect and share current biodiversity data from Swedish institutions and government authorities through the global GBIF portal. Additionally, GBIF Sweden aims to gather information about Swedish biodiversity from sources outside the country and make it available to stakeholders within Sweden. GBIF Sweden plans to make significant contributions towards improving data collection, flow, and visualization through the development of technical solutions. Lastly, GBIF Sweden aims to promote digitization efforts to enhance the quantity and quality of content provided to GBIF by Swedish institutions.

The Swedish GBIF Node is mainly funded by the Swedish Research Council as part of the national Research infrastructure, SBDI, Swedish Biodiversity Data Infrastructure (Grant No: 2019-00242). The Swedish Research Council is also administering the membership fee to GBIF on behalf of the Swedish Government. The Research Council further holds the position as Head of Delegation of GBIF Sweden.