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Technical support hour for GBIF nodes: July 2024

Jul 03, 2024 16:00 CET - Jul 03, 2024 17:00 CET

Join us for the next session of the technical support hour for GBIF nodes on July 3rd, 2024, where the topic is API SQL downloads.
Would you like to be able to generate custom summary views of GBIF occurrence data? This is now possible as an experimental feature withAPI SQL [...]

Africa region Webinar: An Overview of GBIF Data Publishing Tools

Jun 28, 2024 15:00 CET - Jun 28, 2024 16:00 CET

The GBIF Africa Regional Support Team is pleased to provide an overview of the GBIF Data Publishing Tools. This webinar will serve as an update to the latest GBIF tools for data management, and their functionalities. The aim is to help participants understand how to effectively use these tools to [...]

12th North American Paleontological Convention (NAPC)

Jun 17, 2024 00:00 CET - Jun 21, 2024 00:00 CET

The North American Paleontological Convention (NAPC) covers all branches of paleontology, including vertebrate, invertebrate, paleobotany, micropaleontology, paleo-related organic and inorganic geochemistry, paleoecology, paleoclimatology, and astrobiology. It provides a forum for exchanging research findings, defining future directions, and fostering relaxed interactions within the paleontological community at large. The meeting will [...]

Webinar #2 for the Americas: OBIS-GBIF Joint Strategy and Action Plan

Jun 13, 2024 23:00 CET - Jun 13, 2024 23:59 CET

Following its announcement <> on 28 May, learn more about the OBIS-GBIF joint strategy and action plan , what it means and how you can get involved.
We encourage that participants post questions to the topic on the discourse forum
* GBIF and Marine Biodiversity Data [...]

Latin America and Caribbean Nodes meeting 2024

Jun 03, 2024 09:00 CET - Jun 06, 2024 13:00 CET

Will be available soon Agenda and meeting overview
Contact Leslie Melisa Ojeda Cabrera Nodes regional representative for Latin America and the Caribbean for any further information on the agenda.
Questions on the logistics please contact Victor Sánchez Chocho Nodes regional representative deputy for Latin America and the [...]

8th Annual Digital Data in Biodiversity Research Conference: Synthesizing & Harmonizing Data for Integrated Biodiversity Research

May 29, 2024 00:00 CET - May 31, 2024 00:00 CET

iDigBio , the Natural Science Collections Alliance (NSCA) , and The University of Kansas's Biodiversity Research Institute are delighted to announce the 2024 Digital Data in Biodiversity Research Conference, 29-31 May, with this edition of the conference offering both in-person and virtual participation. The overall theme for the 2024 [...]

Europe and Central Asia Nodes meeting 2024

May 26, 2024 09:00 CET - May 29, 2024 13:00 CET

The 16th meeting of the GBIF Europe and Central Asia nodes is hosted by the GBIF Croatia 26 to 29 of May 2024 the in person and on site meeting is open to node managers from the European and Central Asia participant nodes. Nonmember countries and international organizations are [...]

Open question and answer session for CESP2024 call for proposals

May 23, 2024 19:00 CET - May 24, 2024 10:00 CET

Expected audience: Node managers, Node staff and potential project partners
The GBIF Secretariat will be holding an open question and answer session in English, for persons interested in knowing more about the2024 CESP call for proposals .
The aim is to provide an opportunity to raise any questions about the [...]

Data Use Club practical sessions: accessing and downloading species information

May 16, 2024 15:00 CET - May 16, 2024 16:00 CET

Many users come to in order to access occurrence records (the observation or collection of a specimen at a given time and place). They can also access information about species: their scientific names, taxonomy, and associated data like vernacular names or whether they are invasive in a given [...]

Africa nodes webinar

May 10, 2024 15:00 CET - May 10, 2024 16:00 CET

GBIF is working with regional support teams in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and Central Asia. In this webinar, the regional support team in Africa will update the Node Managers and staff within the region, highlighting their ongoing efforts. There will be a deliberate emphasis to align these efforts with [...]

Unlocking Slovakias Biodiversity Through Data Publishing

May 08, 2024 12:00 CET - May 10, 2024 12:00 CET

This workshop is a part of CESP2023-005 and is designed for researchers, data managers, and biodiversity enthusiasts who are keen to enhance their skills in data publishing and management, with a focus on biodiversity data in Slovakia.

Capacity enhancement workshop on biodiversity data mobilisation and use in support of sustainable development in West Africa

May 08, 2024 01:00 CET - May 12, 2024 01:00 CET

Organized as part of the Capacity Enhancement Support Programme project "Enhancing capacity to mobilize and use biodiversity data to support sustainable development in West Africa" (CESP2020-005) , this workshop was held at the University of Ghana and aimed to enhance participants' knowledge and skills in utilizing biodiversity for sustainable development.

Arab State Workshop on Biodiversity Data

May 06, 2024 00:00 CET - May 08, 2024 00:00 CET

| Day 1 | Topic | | ----- | --------------------------------------- | |9.00 - 10.30 | Session 1: Welcome and Introductions| |11.00 - 12.30 |Session 2: What is GBIF and what is its relevance?| |13.30 - 15.00 |Session 3: How can GBIF support countries to meet the Kunming - Montreal [...]

Technical support hour for GBIF nodes: May 2024

May 01, 2024 16:00 CET - May 01, 2024 17:00 CET

May 1st, 2024, we will convene for the next GBIF technical support hour for nodes where the topic is how to detect and solve formatting issues in your DwC-A. The session will occur on May 1st, 2024, at 4pm CEST (UTC+2).
Publishers and nodes occasionally encounter errors that are not [...]

Joint regional meeting kick-off and CESP community webinar

Apr 25, 2024 19:00 CET - Apr 26, 2024 10:30 CET

Expected audience: Node Managers and Node staff
Note this webinar will be run twice to accommodate different time zones. Please register to the one that works best for you below.
Register for the event (evening CPH time)
Register for the event (morning CPH time)

Global Registry of Scientific Collections (GRSciColl) community call

Apr 17, 2024 15:00 CET - Apr 17, 2024 16:00 CET

Join us for an update on the Global Registry of Scientific Collections .
In this community call we will discuss the progress of the GRSciColl roadmap implementation .
* Review of the data schema: output of the survey, changes being implemented and mapping to Latimer Core * Support [...]

Biodiversa+ GBIF joint symposium

Apr 16, 2024 09:00 CET - Apr 16, 2024 15:45 CET

Symposium organized jointly by Biodiversa+ and GBIF, to discuss the requirements for national biodiversity monitoring hubs in the context of proposals for a European Biodiversity Observation Coordination Centre.
The symposium, which follows a similar event in Brussels in October 2022 alongside the 29th GBIF Governing Board, will explore how [...]

UN Ocean Decade Conference

Apr 10, 2024 10:00 CET - Apr 12, 2024 19:00 CET

The conference will be a key moment for governments, leaders, maritime sectors, philanthropy, universities, private sector, NGOs and more, to take stock of the achievements of the first three years of the Ocean Decade and define a collective vision for the coming years. Participants will benefit from concrete examples and [...]

Technical support hour for GBIF nodes: April 2024

Apr 03, 2024 16:00 CET - Apr 03, 2024 17:00 CET

The topic for the next Technical Support Hour for nodes is A general introduction to GBIFs technical documentation. Last year the GBIF Secretariat released the first version of the technical documentation and work is ongoing to improve and enrich the documentation. We will give you an introduction to what information [...]

ECSA 2024 conference: Change

Apr 03, 2024 01:00 CET - Apr 06, 2024 01:00 CET

Be part of one of the leading citizen science events in Europe, to discuss and network with citizen science practitioners, researchers, activists, scientists, policymakers, artists, and more.
Read more

Hacking Biodiversity Data Cubes for Policy

Apr 02, 2024 01:00 CET - Apr 04, 2024 01:00 CET

B-Cubed’s hackathon is planned as a 4-day event, bringing together biodiversity informaticians, researchers, and practitioners who are passionate about leveraging biodiversity data for impactful solutions.
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ARISE day 2024

Mar 27, 2024 09:00 CET - Mar 27, 2024 17:00 CET

The ARISE project is building an infrastructure that will identify and monitor all multicellular species in the Netherlands.
On March 27 the ARISE day will provide updates on ARISE, keynote speeches, workshops, entertainment, meet old friends, make new ones. All lectures and activities will be in English.
Read [...]

Empowering Biodiversity Research III (EBR III)

Mar 25, 2024 08:00 CET - Mar 26, 2024 22:00 CET

This conference will focus on utilizing biodiversity data to bridge the gap with Policy.
Meet GBIF Secretariat deputy director Tim Hirsch at the following session during the EBR III conference
Monday, 25 March 2024: 10:40-11:10 GBIF’s role in empowering biodiversity research and policy Session 1
Read [...]

Celebrating 10 Years of US MBON -2024 Annual All-Hands Workshop

Mar 18, 2024 16:00 CET - Mar 23, 2024 00:00 CET

MarineBon meeting to strengthen links between national MBON teams and partners and identify or develop common activities and outputs. Followed by a species distribution modelling workshop to trace a roadmap to move from research to operations in the ability to map distributions of species and habitats using ‘Species Distribution Models’ [...]

Webinar: Data4Nature: An Introduction to GBIF Data Publishing

Mar 14, 2024 10:30 CET - Mar 14, 2024 12:00 CET

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is seeking to improve its biodiversity data disclosure practices by sharing biodiversity data generated through EBRD-financed projects with GBIF, the world’s largest open source repository of biodiversity data. Data sharing with GBIF has potential to make a substantial contribution to [...]

Technical support hour for GBIF nodes: March 2024

Mar 06, 2024 16:00 CET - Mar 06, 2024 17:00 CET

The theme for the March 2024 session of the Technical Support Hour for Node is GBIF’s data quality workflow. We will go through how published data is processed regarding quality checks, show how you can get an overview of the flags and issues of datasets, how users provide publicly accessible [...]

Data Use Club seminar: Biosecurity alerts

Feb 28, 2024 09:00 CET - Feb 28, 2024 10:00 CET

During the next Data Use Club <> webinar, three speakers from the Science and Decision Support Team at theAtlas of Living Australia (ALA) will share their insights on how early surveillance and incursion detection of invasive species is a crucial component of an effective biosecurity system. Australia is a [...]

Transforming Australia's biological collections to open data

Feb 20, 2024 01:00 CET - Feb 20, 2024 02:00 CET

Join the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) for the first webinar of 2024 showcasing a selection of amazing projects from the Australian Biodiversity Data Mobilisation Program. This important initiative supports the mobilisation of Australia’s biodiversity data which may not yet be digital, making it available through the ALA, and [...]

CROMENT Workshop on biodiversity data and the GBIF network 2024

Feb 19, 2024 09:00 CET - Feb 23, 2024 17:00 CET

This workshop, organized in Croatia as part of the CESP project “CroMent” (CESP2023-006) , is a full week of GBIF immersion. Next to a GBIF community workshop, where it will be taught on how GBIF works, there will also be two full days on data cleaning and publication. These two [...]

Joint OBIS-GBIF meeting

Feb 08, 2024 09:00 CET - Feb 09, 2024 17:00 CET

The two organisations will come to together to develop a joint GBIF-OBIS action plan to further support collaboration between the two infrastructures.
Participation by invitation only.
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Technical support hour for GBIF nodes: February 2024

Feb 07, 2024 16:00 CET - Feb 07, 2024 17:00 CET

The theme for February session of the Technical Support Hour for Node, is DNA data publishing. For this session, we welcome Tobias Guldberg Frøslev from the Participation and Engagment team. Tobias will present the resource currently available for sharing DNA-derived data - with a focus on a new [...]

Biodiversity Information for Development (BID) Knowledge Exchange Webinar

Jan 26, 2024 15:00 CET - Jan 26, 2024 16:30 CET

As the BID programme concludes, the GBIF Secretariat is dedicated to facilitating opportunities to share best practices identified by BID project teams and partner.
The knowledge exchange webinar will:
* Provide a platform for BID project teams to showcase key achievements and impacts of their BID-funded projects. * [...]

SBDI Days 2024: Towards Data-driven Ecology

Jan 24, 2024 00:00 CET - Jan 25, 2024 00:00 CET

SBDI Days: Towards data-driven ecology is hosted by the Swedish Biodiversity Data Infrastructure and will take place on January 24th-25th 2024 at the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm.
The event will offer keynotes and presentations, posters, demonstrations, and time to mingle and exchange ideas about data driven [...]

BioDT Hackathon: Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) - Second End-Users Workshop

Jan 23, 2024 00:00 CET - Jan 25, 2024 00:00 CET

A transformative three-day hackathon titled Harnessing Digital Twinning for Sustainable Agriculture: Predictive Characterisation and Conservation of Crop Wild Relatives, takes place from January 23rd to 25th, 2024 in Oslo, Norway.
The event, promises to unravel the immense potential of digital twinning in revolutionizing global agricultural practices.
Read more [...]

Technical support hour for GBIF nodes: January 2024

Jan 03, 2024 16:00 CET - Jan 03, 2024 17:00 CET

This January, we celebrate one year of Technical Support Hour for Nodes !
In the first session of 2024, Paloma Shimabukuro will give you an overview of what is currently available for publishing health data on GBIF. Paloma is the GBIF contractor behind theGBIF health Helpdesk <> and is [...]

Data Use Club seminar: 2023 Graduate Researchers Award winners

Dec 14, 2023 15:00 CET - Dec 14, 2023 16:30 CET

The 2023 GBIF Graduate Researchers Award winners will present their work to theGBIF Data Use Club <> community.
Dorothy Akoth , master's student atMakarere University in Uganda, will present her research in improving the knowledge of the distribution and imperilment status of 110 native fish species outside the iconic [...]

BES 2023 - British Ecological Society Annual Meeting 2023

Dec 12, 2023 10:00 CET - Dec 15, 2023 18:00 CET

Join ecologists from around the world in December 2023 for Europe’s largest and most welcoming conference dedicated to ecology.
Each year our Annual Meeting attracts over 1200 delegates and provides opportunities to meet new colleagues, develop your career, learn new skills, and share your science with the global ecological community.

AGU 2023: Annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union

Dec 11, 2023 00:00 CET - Dec 15, 2023 00:00 CET

Join GBIF Secretariat communications manager Kyle Copas at the following sessions during the AGU Fall Meeting 2023 —or seek him out elsewhere during the meeting.
Monday, 12 December 2023: 17:05-17:15 How Biodiversity Data Supports Research on Climate-driven Changes in Patterns of Human Diseases Session: GH14A: Advances in [...]

Technical support hour for GBIF nodes: December 2023

Dec 06, 2023 16:00 CET - Dec 06, 2023 17:00 CET

In the December session, we will explain the new features of Integrated Publishing Toolkit Version 3.0 (IPT3).
For some background information, you can read our release information here .
Mikhail Podolskiy from the Informatics team will join the session. We will be happy to answer any question relating or [...]

Global Registry of Scientific Collections (GRSciColl) community call

Nov 29, 2023 15:00 CET - Nov 29, 2023 16:30 CET

Join us for an update on the Global Registry of Scientific Collections. In this community call we will focus on the first item of the GRSciColl road map: the review of the data schema.
* Welcome and introduction * Data Schema and Road Map Update * Q&A and [...]

Asia-Pacific Conference on Mosquito and Vector Control (AMV) 2023

Nov 27, 2023 03:00 CET - Nov 30, 2023 12:00 CET

In collaboration with Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), Thailand and the Thailand Pest Management Association (TPMA) as co-organizations, Prof. Theeraphap Chareonviriyaphap from Kasetsart University (KU), is planning to host the Asia Pacific Conference on Mosquito and Vector Control (AMV) held in Chiang Mai between 27 and [...]

NBN Conference

Nov 23, 2023 08:00 CET - Nov 23, 2023 22:00 CET

Join GBIF Secretariat communications manager Kyle Copas at the following meeting “Transmitting the value of GBIF at national scale” at the NBN Conference at the National Museums Scotland in Edinburgh.
The theme of the conference will follow the NBN Trust Strategy 2022-2027 “Making data work for nature” with each [...]


Nov 22, 2023 09:00 CET - Nov 24, 2023 13:00 CET

This event focuses on: Reviewing the latest advances in EO and Earth System Science across domains and specially to showcase the latest ESA and EC funded results, projects (e.g., ESA Science Clusters), and initiatives as a basis for networking and interdisciplinary science.
Read more

Mastering Data Citation: Insights from GBIF

Nov 06, 2023 15:00 CET - Nov 06, 2023 16:00 CET

Why is data citation crucial for biodiversity data?
Data citation is a fundamental step in promoting transparency, credibility, and collaboration in the field of biodiversity research. It ensures that the hard work of data collectors and curators is recognized and facilitates the sharing and integration of valuable biodiversity datasets.
This [...]

Technical support hour for GBIF nodes: November 2023

Nov 01, 2023 16:00 CET - Nov 01, 2023 17:00 CET

In this November session, we will explain how we identify related occurrence records on GBIF (which is sometimes referred to as the GBIF "data clustering" feature). For some background information, you can read our blogposthere . Tim Robertson from the Informatics team will join the session. We will be [...]

International Data Week 2023: A Festival of Data

Oct 23, 2023 15:00 CET - Oct 26, 2023 23:00 CET

Organized by the International Science Council’s Committee on Data (CODATA) and World Data System (WDS), and the Research Data Alliance (RDA), International Data Week brings together a global community of data scientists and data stewards; researchers from all domains; data, interoperability and informatics experts from all fields; industry leaders, entrepreneurs [...]

GB30: 30th Meeting of the GBIF Governing Board

Oct 15, 2023 00:00 CET - Oct 20, 2023 08:00 CET

The 30th meeting of the GBIF Governing Board and associated events will take place in Canberra, Australia, on 15-20 October 2023.
15 October - Nodes Training - Day 1 16 October - Nodes Training - Day 2 + NSG meeting 17 October - GBIF committee meetings 18 [...]

Global Conference on Biodiversity and Monitoring

Oct 10, 2023 09:00 CET - Oct 13, 2023 19:00 CET

The Global Conference on Biodiversity and Monitoring is organized by GEO BON and its partners between 10-13 October 2023 in Montreal, Canada.
One year after COP15 of the UN CBD and the landmark agreement of a Global Biodiversity Framework, the GEO BON global conference will focus on the grand challenge [...]

TDWG 2023

Oct 09, 2023 01:00 CET - Oct 13, 2023 09:00 CET

The Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) annual conference in 2023 will be a hybrid meeting, hosted in Hobart, Tasmania by theAtlas of Living Australia, ALA and the National Research Collections Australia, NRCA .
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Technical support hour for GBIF nodes: October 2023

Oct 04, 2023 16:00 CET - Oct 04, 2023 17:00 CET

In the October issue of the support hour, the Data Products team will explain what the current routine is to improve the stability of occurrence urls (IDs).See this news item for some background. We will go over what our system checks and what can be done when changes are [...]

Biodiversity Information for Development showcase

Sep 25, 2023 09:00 CET - Sep 25, 2023 16:45 CET

Enhancing capacity to mobilize and use biodiversity data effectively to support the Global Biodiversity Framework
This GBIF- and EU-hosted symposium brings together key stakeholders, including representatives from funded projects, funders, aligned initiatives, and policymakers to reflect on the progress to date of theBiodiversity Information for Development <> (BID) programme. The [...]

New data model: Exploring interactions data on plant pollination

Sep 20, 2023 15:00 CET - Sep 20, 2023 16:00 CET

Our next community webinar will explore another example of how the new data model <> expands the possibilities for evolving and enriching the Darwin Core standard, this time taken from theWorldFAIR project led byCODATA and the Research Data Alliance .
GBIF and Embrapa are leading adjacent work [...]

2023 Global Nodes Events Launch

Sep 19, 2023 15:30 CET - Sep 19, 2023 17:00 CET

During this Zoom event, you will have an opportunity to preview the agendas for the Global Nodes Training and Global Nodes Meeting to be held inCanberra Australia 15-17 October .
Even if you are unable to attend the events in Canberra, we encourage you to attend thisvirtual event to [...]

Technical support hour for GBIF nodes: September 2023

Sep 06, 2023 16:00 CET - Sep 06, 2023 17:00 CET

The GBIF technical support hour for Nodes is back!
For this session, we have a guest, Daniel Noesgaard from the Communication team, who will explain how GBIF tracks literature citations of GBIF data. How the citations are found, labelled, and integrated in the GBIF index. The Data Product team [...]

Simposio internacional sobre colecciones biologicas y datos abiertos de biodiversidad (in Spanish only)

Sep 06, 2023 14:00 CET - Sep 07, 2023 14:00 CET

El objetivo de este evento es dar a conocer el estado del arte de la gestión y uso de las colecciones biológicas y la implementación de sistemas de datos abiertos de biodiversidad en Latinoamérica mediante el intercambio de experiencias internacionales (Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, México y Chile).
El simposio se [...]

European Conference on Ecological Modelling

Sep 04, 2023 10:00 CET - Sep 08, 2023 18:00 CET

In a world where biodiversity and ecosystem services are at high risk, business as usual is no longer possible. Transformation of how societies deal with natural resources is much needed, but requires a better understanding of how ecological and social-ecological systems respond to change and human intervention. Ecological Modelling thus [...]

IPBES 10 (Tenth session of the Plenary of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services)

Aug 28, 2023 09:00 CET - Sep 02, 2023 19:00 CET

IPBES 10 will be preceded by regional consultations and a Stakeholder Day on 27 August 2023. Further information on these events will follow in due course.
At IPBES 10, the Plenary will consider, among other items, the thematic assessment of invasive alien species, as well as requests, inputs and suggestions [...]

Hosted Portals Community Call

Aug 16, 2023 14:00 CET - Aug 16, 2023 15:30 CET

A community call with network members who are running GBIF's hosted portal service <> will provide an opportunity for introducing some new teams, sharing updates on progress, and discussing potential new features.
| Time | Topic | Speaker | | ----------- | --------------------------------------------------------- | -------------------| | 14:00–14:05 |Welcome and [...]

2023 Virtual Data Mobilization Workshop for Asia

Aug 07, 2023 05:00 CET - Aug 11, 2023 09:00 CET

One of the challenges to open access biodiversity data in Asia is the lack of technical skills among data holders to mobilize it and make it available. The GBIF Biodiversity Data Mobilization workshop trains data holders in project management, data capture, data management and data publication, with a focus on [...]

ESA 2023 - Ecological Society of America 2023

Aug 06, 2023 19:00 CET - Aug 12, 2023 02:00 CET

The Ecological Society of America advances the science and practice of ecology and supports ecologists throughout their careers. The field of ecology has much to offer in addressing pressing ecological problems at all scales. Ecologists working in the private sector (e.g., as consultants, for industry, or in NGOs) and public [...]

International Congress for Conservation Biology

Jul 23, 2023 08:00 CET - Jul 27, 2023 23:59 CET

ICCB is the premier global meeting for conservation scientists and professionals, including researchers, students, agency personnel, environmental educators, practitioners, and other conservation stakeholders. Attendees gather for lively discussions and scientific presentations on the nexus between biodiversity conservation and genetics, ecology, biogeography, anthropology, history, psychology, economics, conservation marketing, religion, and more.