Bidra till International Biogeography Society's 2017 Biennial Conference!

Publicerat av GBIF-Sweden --

Only 3 weeks left to submit a symposia proposal for the International Biogeography Society's 2017 Biennial Conference.  The conference will be held 9-13 January, 2017 in Salvador, Brazil, with the symposia being an integral part of our meeting as plenary sessions in which all attendees participate.  If you missed the first email call for symposia proposals, check out the IBS Blog (<>) for details on submission requirements and partial support.


It's a great opportunity to organize the presentation of cutting-edge work that will appeal to a broad cross-section of Biogeographers!!

Submission and questions?  Please send proposals for symposia by email to Pedro Peres-Neto (<>), IBS VP for Conferences, by 7th October 2015.


Roland Jansson

Dept. of Ecology and Environmental Science Umeå University

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