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GBIF Report Reveals Returns on Investments

The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) has published a report shedding light on the returns yielded by investments in their data infrastructure. The report, titled “Unveiling the Value: The Return on Investments in GBIF,” highlights the wide-ranging impact of GBIF’s efforts on both scientific advancement and societal progress.

The report emphasizes how investments in GBIF’s biodiversity data infrastructure have catalyzed groundbreaking research and facilitated numerous global conservation initiatives. By granting access to extensive and high-quality biodiversity data, the platform has sparked scientific breakthroughs, informed policymaking, and empowered local communities to take targeted conservation actions.

According to the report, every €1 invested in the Global Biodiversity Information Facility yields €3 in direct benefits for users and up to €12 in broader societal benefits.

The report showcases the indispensable role of Biodiversity Data Infrastructure in advancing biodiversity understanding and emphasizes the urgent need for sustained support for global data infrastructure, enabling transformative research and conservation endeavors.

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