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SBDI Days 2024: Towards Data-driven Ecology

The SBDI consortium welcomes everyone within the scientific community who is curious about data-driven research. Join us at the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm.

Ecology research has not yet reached the big data revolution. While the forthcoming ‘data deluge’ provides an amount of biodiversity and other environmental data not available before it also creates many challenges for researchers in fields of biodiversity, ecology, conservation biology and systematics.

With this two-day event we invite the Swedish biodiversity research community to come together and pave the way for data-driven research in ecology. It’s for everyone who wants to make use of the big data wave that is building up.

Symposium topics include big data research in macroecology, challenges for biodiversity data research and data driven ecology, machine-learning and artificial intelligence applications in conservation, perspectives on digital twins for ecosystems, and scaling up DNA-based ecology research.


See PDF with Full Program