GBIF logtype

GRSciColl & GBIF Registry

This tool allows users the ability to browse, search and view objects in the GBIF Registry and GRSciColl (Global Registry of Scientific Collections):

  • Organizations: entities who publish datasets and/or manage installations, e.g. Göteborgs Botaniska Trädgård
  • Datasets: collections of data, e.g. species occurrences, e.g. SHARK - National marine environmental monitoring of Bacterioplankton in Sweden since 1989
  • Installations: servers when datasets are hosted, e.g. GBIF Sweden IPT
  • Collections: entities describing mainly museum collections, e.g. Herbarium - Swedish Museum of Natural History
  • Institutions: entities responsible for collections, e.g. Ájtte Museum
  • GRSciColl Staff: people associated with institutions
  • Nodes: entities representing GBIF participants responsible for endorsing publishers and coordinating activities in a geographic or thematic context, e.g. GBIF Sweden

Registered users with administrative privileges are also able to edit certain objects and approve edits suggested by others. Contact or use the SBDI Support form if you wish to add or make edits to your organization and/or collection.