Ledig tjänst som vertebratzoolog i Göteborg

Publicerat av Anja Rautenberg --

There have been some problems with confirmation e-mails for those who have registered for Systematikdagarna 2016. I have now experimented with the settings, and hope that it works better now. If you have tried to register, but not yet received a confirmation e-mail, please let me know at webmasterSNABELAsystematikforeningen.se (replace SNABELA with @)!

Systematikdagarna 2016 will take place in Uppsala 21-22 November. Last day to register at reduced fee is 31 October. Programme and registration: http://systematikforeningen.se/verksamhet/systematikdagarna/systematikdagarna-2016/

And sorry to those of you who might have received multiple confirmation e-mails!


Workshop on Inselect, NRM 24-25 October

Publicerat av Johan Nylander --

Workshop on Inselect – A demonstration of a software which automates the cropping of individual images of specimens from whole-drawer scans preceded by a half-day mini symposium focusing on mass-digitization and computer vision.

24-25 October, 2016.
NRM, Stockholm, Sweden.
The workshop is hosted by the Department of Genetics and Bioinformatics at Naturhistoriska riksmuseet (Swedish Museum of Natural History, NRM) and SYNTHESYS. It will bring together leading international and local researchers, working on different aspects of digitization of natural history collections, image analyses and computer vision. First day will feature presentations by invited speakers followed by the one and a half day Workshop on Inselect, a computer tool that automates the cropping of individual images of specimens from whole-drawer scans and similar images that are generated by digitization of museum collections.
During the first half of the workshop we will learn some of the key Inselect features on provided sample images. For the second half, participants are encouraged to bring along some representative images together with any related information such as details of metadata that needs to be captured. Images should be in the format and at the full resolution at which they were taken. Some example images are TIFF files generated by a SatScan scanner at NHM, either images of drawers with pinned insects or of microscope slides arranged in a grid of between 400 and 800 MB. https://naturalhistorymuseum.github.io/inselect/pages/gallery.html
Everybody is welcome! The symposium will be free of charge, but registration is required. Coffee/tea will be served during breaks for the first 50 registered participants.
Please feel free to distribute this invitation to people/mailing-lists that you think might find this workshop interesting.

Miroslav Valan, NRM